Day 9 – 100 In 100


Woke up, did 10 minutes of meditation doing positive self concept mantras in my head, focused on my breathing, and then thinking of nothing at all. This is a good way for me to reset my day before I jump into tasks, errands, learning, and work.

After that, I did 42 pushups, 26 situps, and 35 squats. I went to souplantation for dinner last night where I learned that there is a state of happiness line, and each of us have a specific position on that line. On one end of the line is depression, sadness, low energy. And on the other end [Read more…]

I Care Too Much About What Other People Think


So here’s why I haven’t been posting any blog posts: because I didn’t feel like I should be posting anything unless it was worth sharing.

However, it keeps me from forming a habit of writing often. And like my friend Andrea said, “you never know”. That’s right. Who knowswhat my blog posts will do for any one person. [Read more…]