$100 Penalty On A $3 Toll Road Fee

A few months back, I went to Irvine, CA to attend a product design event. On my way back home, my iPhone’s GPS by default routed me through a toll road.

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Now, I had no idea that I even took a toll road to get home until I received a bill a few weeks later. The bill informed me that since I didn’t pay the $3 toll fee within 5 days, I now owe a penalty fee of an additional $100. I was shocked for a split second which quickly followed by a grin across my face.

The genius that made the decision to hit thousands of drivers with this monstrous fee probably each day on that one route must be laughing to the bank. I’m just imagining all the people unintentionally taking that specific toll road. Their GPS includes toll roads by default. And by the time you get on a toll road, it’s too late. It’s not like you can turn your car around or exit.

So what did I learn? No one is innocent. I have the ability to plan my trip ahead of time and pay more attention to the signs on the road. The GPS and toll roads can be better designed to prevent people like me who do not intend to take toll roads. No matter what, it’s my fault. End of story.